Regional School Committee thanks Supt. Rigby for her service

by Karina Coombs

13aKC RSCRigbyChair

Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee members Dan Conti (on left) and Heather Bout look on as Johanna Boynton presents Superintendent Diana Rigby with a photo of a chair she is to receive as one of her parting gifts as she leaves to start a new job on the west coast. (Photo by Karina Coombs) 

The June 27 meeting of the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee (RSC) was Diana Rigby’s last as Superintendent, a position she held for nine years after time spent as the Director of Special Education and Deputy Superintendent. RSC member Johanna Boynton took the lead in thanking Rigby for her 14 years of service to Concord and Carlisle, presenting her with a plaque, a Concord chair, and a Concord clock.

Boynton thanked Rigby for her “laser-like” focus on students and congratulated her on the number of programs that began under her tenure as well as the number of school construction projects. “You’ve really given your all to these students and these towns,” added RSC member Heather Bout. RSC Chair Daniel Conti referenced Rigby’s omnipresence in that she seemed to have the ability to be everywhere at once—whether it was a school function or the Thoreau 5K road race. Melissa McMorrow noted that Rigby was her example when she was a new school committee member and taught her how to advocate for a successful district and advance causes that helped both the community and its students.

“It’s been my privilege to serve these two communities,” replied Rigby. “I just feel so privileged that I’ve had this opportunity.” Rigby is headed to California where she will be the Superintendent of the Carpinteria Unified School District. Dr. Laurie Hunter assumed the role of Superintendent on July 5.

School improvement plan

With the 2016-17 school year having come to a close, CCHS Principal Michael Mastrullo presented a report summarizing the school and district goals for the year as well as school goals for 2017-18. 

Mastrullo reiterated the importance of establishing a culture of “we” at the school so that both students and faculty felt valued and connected, and noted that managing student stress remained a key focus, with three areas to look at next year: homework, extracurriculars and engagement. 

Elective schedules were also addressed, with Mastrullo explaining that students on Individualized Education Plans had difficulty with the four day per week schedule while also receiving services. To address this, CCHS added two electives that only meet twice per week: robots and tech/coding.

Instead of waiting for the six year evaluation of the Special Education or SPED program, Mastrullo explained that CCHS will undertake a program review next year, using a private consultant to look at service delivery to ensure they are being efficient and meeting the needs of all kids. According to Mastrullo the evaluation will take place in the fall and he hopes to have a report by winter break.

Mastrullo’s presentation can be found here:

Q5 CCHS Quebec/Montreal trip approved

The RSC unanimously approved the CCHS World Language Department’s bus trip to Quebec/Montreal in June 2018 as part of the new Q5 program. The trip will be offered to sophomores and juniors enrolled in the French program. ∆