Town Election candidates may run unopposed

by Karina Coombs


STATE OF THE SLATE. Caucus Moderator Tim Hult presides and Town Clerk
Charlene Hinton keeps track of the nominees at the Town Caucus on February 25.
(See results below.) (Photo by Rik Pierce)

Town Caucus nominated candidates for all 12 open local elected positions on Monday, February 25 and the nominees’ names will be on the ballot for the Town Election on May 7. None of the positions were contested.

Selectman Tim Hult led the proceedings as nominated Town Caucus moderator. After reaching the Caucus quorum of 25, Hult thanked those in attendance for taking part in town government. Acknowledging that it is not always easy to find people to run for office and get involved, Hult stressed that it is important for people to step forward in order “to make [town government] work.”

For those who missed the Caucus and may still be interested in one of the open positions, petition papers may be picked up at the Town Clerk’s office. A petition requires 34 signatures from currently registered Carlisle voters and has a deadline of March 19. (See “LMV panel invites residents to “jump in” and run for town election” January 25.)

Interested residents or candidates can learn more about the boards at the town government website: and at the Gleason Library within Carlisle’s Annual Reports. The online version of the Mosquito is another resource with profiles of town boards and committees available in the Archives section under Resources, or by using the search bar at: In addition, online at is a video of the League of Women Voters program, “Getting Elected in Carlisle.”

The Concord-Carlisle League of Women Voters will host a Candidate’s Forum on April 21. ∆