Smoldering wires found by Greenough Pond 

On October 8, Carlisle Police and Fire responded to an early morning report of a smoldering fire near Greenough Pond on the Red Tail Trail. High voltage lines from a fallen power pole near the pond had fallen onto a tree. Carlisle firefighters reaching the scene reported the slow fire had burnt partway through a tree. Eversource was notified and was responding. Both fire and police cleared the scene. 

The fire was called in by a woman hiking the trail. She led the responders to the site after hiking out to Maple Street. 

Asked about the live wires running through Greenough woods, Carlisle Fire Chief David Flannery stated, “It is my recollection that the old aerial power line that runs in from Maple Street services the caretaker’s house and barn on the other side of the pond. The house is no longer there and the barn is in disrepair. Why that line is still live I am not sure.” He added, “I do know that Eversource was notified in this instance.” ∆